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Over 10 years in business as a professional with experience in digital design, with the main focus on interaction design and user experience. I linger in the space where function and beauty intersect. I’m creative, ambitious and like to play with the newest toys.

I’ve worked with a large variety of clients from all around the world and have been involved in different projects from small to large, corporate to consumer, web & native apps, from concept through to detailed style guides. I’m committed to & inspired by my clients and always seek to construct a relationship to share knowledge and guidance in both directions.

I trust that a good process will always lead to good outcomes and always strive to offer as much context for my visions as possible to facilitate the collaboration of others more specialized in their vertical.

my process


    We strategise, conceptualise and experiment together. You know your industry inside out and I know mine, so we share knowledge and guidance in both directions.

  • MAKE

    I turn ideas into prototypes and visuals based on what we learn. This is a fast paced phase full of sketches and wireframes where ideas blossom and fade.

  • TEST

    We need to test our theories and educated guesses with real users to gather feedback on the user experience as early and as frequently as possible.


    Back to the drawing board. It's not something bad. It's just about making it better. So we analyse data, learn, discuss, adjust and iterate until we find the best solutions.

" Push the extra mile to turn good into great"
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I’m always looking for the chance to work on innovative and ambitious projects and products

mircea@mirceazagrean.com +44 793 340 5388

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