Battery Shack

Batteries Shack was established in 2013. They have worked hard to gain the success their battery store holds among the largest in the business. They hold values that are centered towards their customers to provide the best service. They do so by making most of battery needs accessible such as household, commercial and industrial.

Project requirements

They needed an upgrade to the website in regards to the interface and also to enhance their search engine ranking. This website contains approx. 55-60 pages, mainly with simple text content, Blog and Special Offers sections.


Altough they are a relatively small business they concentrate on great quality products and a great customer service. They work with big american brands and support local business.

A modern Ui design that would focus on reinforcing their identity and inspire confidence. Unclutter the Ui and make everything easy to find by category of product. Focus on contact methods & information. Build trust using client feedback.

Quic jump to categories

I decided to keep the category bar on the home page as it was intuitive and provided a quick access to the main content. Reccuring users were acustomed to it. It is uncluttered and more readable.


Build trust by sharing real people's opinions and gratitude towards their service.


Family owned and operated Great prices Knowledgeable Staff Diagnostic Experts Friendly & Reliable Service



BatteriesShack is very satisfied with our collaboration, with the speed and quality of the design. We are all looking forward for the site to go live in March of this year.