Everything, for your garden

The company operates in the market of small and medium-sized gardening machinery throughout the country, selling: lawnmowers, chainsaws, motors, trimmers, lawn tractor and snowblower, wine tools to small producers, irrigation accessories, other professional farm tools, semi-professional and hobby.

”Out with the old, in with the new”

Bronto wanted to bring it's website up to date so it could compete with others online vendors on the market. They needed a new site with an e-commerce shop.


The site was intended more as a statement and as presentation not as much as a selling point. They wanted to be able to show off their products but knew the market was not ready to shift yet and sales would go trough the stores.

I started with a content audit and competitor site research. I talked to the marketing team and found out about their usual workflow, what, how and when they sell and started to put together some patterns.

We also discussed about increasing trust in the brand and it's products so I insisted on the company's values and it's high end products.

Getting started

The flows were pretty straight forward so what I really had to focus on was nail down the visuals and interaction. I made some wireframes to plan the content and calls to action. This helped me prioritize the information and plan confidence build up as the user went trough the screens.

Based on those simple wires I started on the graphics.

Eye candy

It's not just about making it shine. A lot of time was put in the graphics and the mindset they would give the user.

Final Design

I did the visual design and supervised the implementation.


Bronto liked the approach. The online business started to pick up, although orders are made by phone or on location. Clients mention the site and it drives them to go in the store.