Guidelines for Recognition: European Advanced Tool

GR-EAT is a youth project aiming at enhancing the recognition of Non Formal and Informal Learning and at providing youth-led organisations with support and guidance to implement internal systems of recognition of the competences of their volunteers.

They needed to put a face to the message and program they were trying to spread so I created a brand identity for them.



The first step was to identify the brand values: Growth, Change, Transformation, Energy, Wisdom.

I always do my logos in black & white. It's something I learnt a while back from a mentor I had. It forces you to focus on the symbolism and message and does not steal attention from function.

I started by brainstorming and mind-mapping all the things I could come up with regarding the project. There were multiple ideas on the table and I decided to visualise some of those so I could quickly include the client in the process.

The first batch

These were the first quick "sketches" I made to test the multiple direction available. The client was putting them under focus group review and I wanted to know they were envisioning for the brand and get their creative juices going.

It's all about the people

We got our symbol, what about the logotype

Since the symbol is pretty complex I figured a clean logotype will do the trick. Smart but simple.


Here's where the colors come into play and focus group testing starts to find te perfect shade begins.

Growth Hope
Change Transformation Playful
Energy Change
Wisdom Communication Honesty

Final Design

The experiences that intersect and together prepare someone for the future.


The logo was exactly what they were looking for and is now on all their campaign materials and media.

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