LUNA is a period tracking app for women that learns and adapts to its user.

What is the app trying to solve?

  • - provide an easy alternative to period tracking
  • - give notifications before the period
  • - help schedule a vacation
  • - have an overview when going to the doctor
  • - reminder for birth control pills
  • - keep track of fertility and help make babies


I established which are the particular and general outcomes of the application and understood the main needs and circumstances under which the application might be used.

  1. - personal assumptions of the targets and potential
  2. - web research on some of the user's behaviour
  3. - talk to real users of different levels of budgets, believes, ages, jobs and education
  4. - brainstorming

Georgiana Zagrean(30)

Software developer - uses a smartphone most of the day but is not up to date with the latest apps
“When it comes to keeping track of my period I always forget to use my current app. It's like I forget it's there. I only use it when something goes wrong or when I go to the doctor so I can give him some information.“
How should a period tracking app help me?
“For me, it would be useful to be notified when my period is approaching. You know, you have to get stuff with you to work and sometimes I forget. It would like it to be easy to keep track and not always go back and forth on that ugly calendar and add my period months back because I forgot. Ohh and it would be nice to have an idea when planning a vacation so that I avoid awkward situations.“

Alice Mogojan(27)

Sales and Marketing Manager - uses a smartphone most of the day and is up to date with the new apps
“I have a nice app but it's a little bit too complicated. I sometimes forget to use it.“
How should a period tracking app help me?
“I would love to be able to use this app for my birth control pills. I have an alarm so I don't forget to take my pill but it would be nice to also keep track of the days I took the pill. It would also help me see if it syncs or overlaps with my period."

Defining the flows

I started to sketch new simpler flows with the user's needs in always in mind.

Final Design

I made some light usability testings on all the above wireframes and after that, I designed a clean interface that would reflect the brand of LUNA.

It all started with a drop

I started to pitch the idea of a funnier way of seeing this whole thing and while talking to some people it "dropped" to me. So I started to work on a drop

See it in action


days to period



LUNA was designed for windows mobile but unfortunately, since Microsoft dropped its windows phone support the app will be moved to Android and iOS. Initial user testing showed great potential and I can hardly wait to see it out in the wild.