Mountain Bike Marathon

This is a website for a local Mountain Bike Marathon. They wanted something simple but eye-catching so that it would be shared and they would have more people signing-up. It was the first of it's kind, it turned heads and got people talking.


There wasn't much content for the website and the flows were quite simple so it was straight forward. The idea behind this website was to get creative and the goal was to give them a site that’s a good notch above other websites of its kind.

Stwp 1: Design a cool website from scratch

Stwp 2: Is step one done? Than that's it :)

Give it a spin

The original site had a more immersive parallax experience but for the demo it's a bit liter.


Maratonul Fagetului

Clujul Pedaleaza

  • Start ora 11:00, Polus Center
  • REGULAMENT Termeni si conditii - regulament de concurs
  • TRASEE 30 km(timp limita - ora: 13:00) vezi harta
    70 km(timp limita - ora: 16:00) vezi harta
  • TAXA DE PARTICIPARE 30 RON (01.01.2013-31.01.2013)
    40 RON (01.02.2013-30.03.2013)
    50 RON {1.04.2013-25.04.2013)
    50 RON (27.04.2013, 10:00-19:00)
    70 RON (28.04.2012 08:30-10:00)
  • SOSIRE Rezultate


The marathon was a hit. People started talking, media picked up on the news and crated some waves.

Enthusiasts shared and blogged and the site did it's job. It was the biggest signup up until then.