The internet activity tracking software

Netective is a watcher tool to track workstation events and all online activity, and a powerful reporting application with the purpose of increasing overall business productivity.

Project requirements

The app was currently implemented in flex. My task was to improve the UX and redesign the whole UI as the software was getting real traction and needed an update. It also switched to an .NET web app. Also a refresh to the branding of the app was required.


I looked at the current reports, analyzed content, talked to users, prospects, owners and more we worked our way through many workflows and usage paradigms and also found some major problems:

  1. Users had trouble navigating and accessing the main features
  2. Users had trouble understanding wording & needed clear filter definitions
  3. The ability to have quick overviews on each category of reports

I started to sketch new simpler flows with the users needs in always in mind.

I created wireframes, made sketches, mockups and prototypes to deliver the new UI. After user testing and some iterations we had a stable version. We monitored closely how users interact with our software and made sure to offer new features and cater to their needs.

The challenge was to keep the balance between the old UI and the new one so that existing users wouldn't feel frustrated learning it.

Final UI

I designed and created the UI architecture and a CSS framework for the development team to work with.

Spick and span

Consistent visual language to help users learn the new interface easily.

I simplified and consolidated the menu structure for fast and clear choices by prioritizing content(reports).

Report summaries were placed on the home page to easily spot issues and provide quick access directly into the detailed report.

Improved filters and charts visualization made it easier to access and understand data.


The first thing we had to sort out was how to present our product to the world. Netective was known as NetMinder and had no identity as a product. A new name was found and so I started work on the new visual identity. We decided to keep some parts of the old logo style so there would still be a bridge from the old to the new.



Netective has become a highly appreciated tool among its users. Many business owners have benefited from the information gathered through Netective and have improved the productivity of their staff. Netective is currently used by over 2000 organizations.

Having established a concise direction for the app and a communication channel with the clients will help the product easily adapt to users needs.