Beat the labels, stay healthy

We have all been there, trying to eat healthier and so we start to look at the food labels so we can make better choices only to find terms that we don't understand! It can be very frustrating and in most cases stops us from achieving our health and fitness goals as most of these products have hidden sugars and fats! But guess what… All that is about to change. You are now going to be able to beat the labels and find out what's really in your foods. Simply scan any barcode or food label and the app will tell you what the ingredients really mean. THAT EASY!




What the app is trying to solve out?

The first step in the creation process was to provide a series of assumptions and personal thoughts which were the base of the functionalities, target users definition and market where the application will be available.

  • encourage people to live healthier
  • provide real time information on food items by scanning the barcode
  • provide a faster shopping experience
  • makes food shopping easier by simplifying the decision process
  • have multiple brands/products integrated in the same place
  • provide suggestions that will match with the scanned item
  • compare items for an easy choice
  • help achieve fitness goals
  • keep track of your nutrition and fitness goals

Some scenarios which now provide pain points in shopping experience

Pain points I

  • Decide what products to buy based on habit or meal idea
  • Search for that specific product between a huge amount of other products
  • Reads the label and does not understand what all the stuff means
  • Decide only on a few criteria she does understand
  • Comparing products = stress and leads to choices made on financial criteria
  • Overall she experiences a slower shopping experience on new products
  • Buy quality items in a specific budget

Pain points II

  • Decide on a diet and a meal-plan
  • Decide which products do buy for that meal-plan
  • Doesn’t have extra energy at the gym and is tiered
  • Does his shopping by a list of items and
  • Needs to stay in a predefined diet and has a set weekly menu
  • Has less time daily since he goes to the gym

Experiences / Paint points described by real users

PR, Operations analyst - uses a smartphone most of the day but is not up to date with the latest apps
“When it comes to food, I’m undecided most of the time. I can afford going to buy decent products but sometimes I’m a bit busy. But when I go in the store, due to the large amount of products I see, I can’t decide what to buy. I go for the middle option if it's decent in many cases. I look at the contents and origins but I don't spend that much time on the label. Trying to understand all that nonsense just isn't worth it so I just go to a more expensive product since that might be better.“
What kind of food do I usually buy? Do I have a shopping list? Cooking?
“I don't know what I'm going to buy most times as I don't really plan my meals that much.“
How a food shopping app would help me?
“For me, it would be useful to be able to scan a product I see somewhere and be able to decide quickly on it. It would be useful to compare different products so that I can have a better idea on how they compare. Suggestions would be useful too"“
Software developer - uses a smartphone regularly and is not up to date with the new apps
“At the moment I’m freaked out about what I eat. Before thinking of getting pregnant I did not care that much about this stuff but after that my priorities switched. I just don’t want to get something in my body that will affect my baby. I’m reading a lot of stuff online but it’s hard to keep track of all the allergens and poisons and whatnot.“
What kind of food do I usually buy? Do I have a shopping list? Cooking?
“We shop twice a month maybe more and I cook daily. I have a shopping list but just like big categories like: pasta, detergent, fruit...stuff like that”."
How a food shopping app would help me?
“My life would defensively be easier right now if I had a way to keep track of all the stuff concerning the baby. Take a quick look at the product and see if it’s ok for the pregnancy."
Software developer - uses a smartphone most of the day and is up to date with the new apps
“I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I’m concerned about my health and of course my figure. I eat a loot of food that helps me stay in shape. I don’t follow a strict diet but I keep track of my calories. I exercise 3, 4 times a week and need to eat a lot of stuff to help me with my training. I’m not going pro but I need to be able to stay awake at work the next day.”
What kind of food do I usually buy? Do I have a shopping list? Cooking?
“I buy a lot of fruits and vegetables. I try to eat less meat but I need the protein. I drop by the store almost daily. It’s in my way from work. I go on a Sunday an buy for the least the main stuff. I cook sometimes.”
How a food shopping app would help me?
“I would like to have an app to help me with my post workout meals. To keep track of what I need weekly and help me be on top of my nutrition."
Software developer - uses a smartphone most of the day and is up to date with the new apps
“I’m pretty active so I need to watch my diet. I try to gain mass but it’s hard for me to do that. I’m eating a lot of foods I read about online but none of them seem to work for me. I try to eat as much of the fresh stuff as possible. I avoid frozen and rather go for the stake rather than more complicated stuff.”
What kind of food do I usually buy? Do I have a shopping list? Cooking?
“I buy a lot of meat. I have vegetables as a side but I normally have meat. I do shakes and try to eat fruits but I don’t do it as much as I would like to. I go to the store when I run out of stuff and normally buy from the top of my head.”
How a food shopping app would help me?
“Just tell me what to buy based on my workout. Kinda like a butler or something. It would be important to be able to cook what I like and when I like it but still be able to have a complete diet somehow."

I started to sketch some simple flows and wireframes.




I designed the UI to be very clean, uncluttered and linear so that information would literally fall into place.



ScanBite is the only app that will help you find out what's really in your food and help you BEAT THE LABELS. It's a simple and clean app that wins its users by pushing these attributes to the maximum.

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