Swipe to discover new places to eat, drink and have fun

Whether you are looking for a burger joint, a coffee shop or just a place to relax, Wantoo is your best buddy when it comes to finding new awesome places, the easy way. Swipe to discover the best places to grab a coffee, have a slice of pizza, share a bottle of wine, dance, watch a game, shop in every city around the world.

Visiting a new city, or you're just new in town? Wantoo is here to help you feel like a local in no time.

Why Wantoo?

  • No complicated setup is needed, just swipe through carefully selected options to select what you Wantoo do.
  • Discover bars, shops, restaurants, hotels, nightlife around you just by swiping.
  • Check out venue details like address, phone number, Facebook page, location on map.

And to make things even easier on you, in order to save battery life, location is only used while using the app.




We brainstormed and trew ideas at each other to see what's the best way to approach this subject. We wanted something easy because it would decently not be something new.

We settled on the idea that the user would to be able to ask the phone to help out when he's not in the mood to do a complicated search. It was about keeping the interaction as simple as possible and be very quick. So that ultimately meant no login, one screen(well two) and 3 easy steps. Just select your action, option and pick your choice. That's it.

I started to sketch some simple flows and wireframes.


I designed the UI to be very clean, uncluttered and linear so that information would literally fall into place.



Wantoo is a simple and clean app that wins its users by pushing these to attributes to the maximum. It currently has more than 100 active users and it helps them find new awesome places, the easy way every day.

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